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Our Refinishing and Resurfacing Services available in the Fort Myers & Cape Coral, FL area!

Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtubs are a thing of beauty. You get home from a tiring day of work and want to relax with a nice hot bath with some wine but that doesn’t work out if your bathtub is damaged or stained with rust. It just becomes gross and disgusting. But not anymore, we can restore your bathtub to its original glory with our bathtub refinishing service. Even if it mismatches your bathroom, we can redo the color to match as per your requireme​nt. It won’t be so hard on your wallet and you can enjoy the peace and calm of your bathtub once again.

CounterTop Refacing

Clean and gorgeous countertops are the main attraction for any kitchen but the look of the kitchen can be ruined if the countertops are ugly and outdated. If you think your countertops are in bad shape and the last resort is getting new ones, you might be surprised because we at ASR can make your kitchen or any place with countertops beautiful again with our countertop resurfacing service. No matter, if they are worn out or just don’t match, we can take care of them and convert them as per your liking. Stains, imperfections, and marks all as if they were never there.

Tile Resurfacing

Ceramic Tiles can fade and lose their luster after a while. Their designs can become outdated and mismatch your vision for the dream bathroom or kitchen you have in mind. With ASR tile resurfacing service, tiles care not a problem anymore. Your pure white tiles may become yellowish and unpleasant looking over time but we are here to restore them or make them a new color entirely. The new surface will be as durable, lustrous and shiny as if they were replaced but at just a fraction of the cost. Almost all types of tiles can be resurfaced from walls to floors.

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